How to Nail a Summer Internship

It’s mid-April and that means that internship acceptance emails are rolling out or due dates for the applications are coming up. Whether you got accepted or you're biting your nails with impatience, here are a few tips for interning courtesy of the Youtuber Lauren Berger, CEO and Founder of Intern Queen, Inc.



What to Wear for Your Summer Internship

You should keep it simple-- don’t overthink it. If anything, you need at least one blazer. A basic black dress is versatile and something that Lauren calls “A Shell”. It is the base of your outfit that you can add on to. Basic tops are also a must. Lauren says, “If it has a collar it’s somewhat professional,” but it doesn’t have to be fitted and creased. You can also keep it fun! A big tip is that you should shop your own closet first before you spend money. This means to look through your closet first and find the hidden treasures there before you go shopping elsewhere.


How to Get an Internship as an International Student

First of all, it is possible, but it can be tricky. The timing and planning could be difficult. Make a list of your dream companies, then find out which internships accept international students. If you aren’t sure, apply anyways. This video has a lot of helpful links in the description box about getting started towards an internship as an international student.  

How to Find Summer Housing in NYC

I have had dreams of interning in New York City for years, but I don’t know anyone up there and I don’t have the money for a hotel for eight weeks. New York University (NYU) summer housing opened February 15. It is the largest summer housing provider and the most popular, so even if you haven’t heard from your internship you should apply anyway. Lauren, who lived in NYU for a summer, believes that NYU is probably one of the safest living options in NYC. Security stays on campus even over the summer. On top of that, you can get the meal plan, laundry, cable, wifi, and you can have access to the gym.


How to Answer the Hardest Interview Questions

Lauren gives examples of the answers in the video, but I chose three of the biggest questions I have heard during my interviews. “Tell me about yourself”-- you should keep it short and sweet. You should also tie it back to the company. “What is your biggest weakness”-- before the interview, make a list of your basic weaknesses and choose one that is the safest. Then, list three things you are doing now to fix this weakness. “Why do you want this internship”-- show passion and preparation. They have to hear that you are excited while also noticing how much you have researched them.


How to Budget for Your Summer Internship

Think about what you need to spend money on: flight, living, laundry, food, transportation, and don’t forget about the times that you may want to treat yourself. Base your budgeting off of eight weeks. This is the average duration of an internship. Then, create a Google spreadsheet to see what you have and what you need. Lauren gets down to every detail and gives you examples in the video!  

Lauren Berger and the Intern Queen company post every Wednesday, and her videos are always helpful. With her help and the help of the career center, I got my dream internship this summer at my favorite museum. Subscribe to her!