Her Campus: Not Just for 'Her'

An Open Letter to the ASC Community:

When we first decided to pursue launching a Her Campus chapter at Agnes Scott, our goal was to bring more accessible, relatable media to the ASC community. We look forward to opening up more opportunities for writers, marketers, social media managers and event planners on campus. And just as we have the freedom to express ourselves through writing, we want to make sure every Agnes student feels the freedom to read our content.

Upon entering Agnes Scott, every new Scottie will inevitably be asked to introduce themselves using ‘their’ pronouns. This small gesture is what separates Agnes from so many other schools, universities, and work environments. Starting with this simple, necessary change, Scotties strive to include all people, regardless of sexual expressions, gender identity, race, or ethnicity.

Here at Her Campus at Agnes Scott, we aren’t just writing for “her.” Our content will relate to all students at Agnes Scott, because all Scotties deserve the right to fantastic media and a great way to procrastinate. No matter what you identify as, articles such as, “24 Reasons Your Roommate is Like Kanye West,” are written to give you a light-hearted break from your hectic schedule. We write and publish these articles because we want to make you think, make you smile, and give you something to talk about.

As responsible and conscientious peers living in a time when even public restrooms are discriminatory, we have to work every day to include those who deserve the simplest right and have yet to get them. That is why Her Campus at Agnes Scott is working to make this a safe environment for every Scottie.

To say the least, when you are scrolling through your social media and see a Her Campus article from us, know that we are including the she’s, he’s, they’s, gender neutral, and gender fluid readers on campus. Inclusion will always be a priority at Her Campus, just as it is on Agnes Scott’s campus. We hope you enjoy!


Elizabeth Wolfe and MeaResea Homer

Her Campus Agnes Scott Co-Editors-in-Chief