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Have You Met an Agnes Ghost?

One of the first bonding experiences I had with my new friends at Agnes Scott was trying to communicate with the Dana ghost. My roommate, my best friend, and I made a circle of three on the lower level in the front of the Dana Fine Arts building. With our legs crossed, our hands clasped together and a candle in the center, we were ready. My best friend called out to Dana to join us. We talked to her or maybe we talked to ourselves, but either way it was a great night. That was the first ghost I have ever met. Not to mention the sweetest. Whether you believe or not, it’s fun to light some candles and sit under the stars for a relaxing meditation session.

Every building on campus has a ghost story, some taken more seriously than others. The first-years are usually the first to go snooping around after hours for some supernatural adventures. Do any of you upperclassman remember going on these adventures? Have you first-years explored the haunted parts of campus yet? If you haven’t, here are some of the ghosts to look out for:



The Winship ghost is one of the few entities that is taken seriously. It’s said that a student hung herself in the closet of room 320, throwing the rope around the pipes. The old campus story says she travels from room to room, but stays close to home. She’s never shown her face, but unusual noises have been heard throughout the night on some occasions. In the past, some occupants of room 320 reported sudden chills or the swinging open of locked doors.



The most believable ghost of all is Dana. She was named after the Dana Fine Arts building by the students, since no one knows the woman’s actual name. There are many versions of the story, but the way the woman died is always the same. She was a teacher either working on a pottery wheel or looking through the props in the room under the stage. Her hair got caught either in the pottery wheel or the trap door and she snapped her neck. I’ve also heard that she wasn’t found until the students and staff returned from the break they were on at the time. As far as I can tell, many students have encountered a ghost experience on campus in the Dana Fine Arts Building. Additionally, many people report that she’s friendly and that she will talk to anyone she doesn’t see as a threat. One way she does this is by possessing the body of the one who calls upon her; the adrenaline of the experience provides students’ brains with a feeling worth sharing. Some say that she will even improve upon students’ art pieces if left out overnight.



One of my favorite, but lesser believed stories, is the ghost that died from being poisoned. It’s not certain how she was poisoned, but legend says The girl had a beverage one afternoon and then ran to Evans when she realized she drank something she wasn’t supposed to and wanted some water to flush it out. By the time she reached the steps of Evans Dining Hall, she collapsed, and died shortly after. Of course, there are many versions of this story, but this one sticks out in my mind the most.


What are your favorite ghost stories? Would you talk to one if you had the chance? Share some of your encounters on our Twitter @HCAgnesScott!


Alexandra Barbar is an English Creative Writing major and an Agnes Scott College student, class of 2017. She was born and raised in Decatur, Georgia. You can usually find her listening to music or reading fiction. One of her biggest dreams is to become fluent in as many languages in the world as possible!
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