Fun at Queer Prom

On Friday, April 12th, Queer Prom took place in Evans Dining Hall. The dance was organized by ASCEND, Agnes’ queer student club, and the theme was a Spring Affair. Admission was free to those who pre-ordered tickets, $1 at the door for Agnes students, and $2 for non-Agnes students. There were free drinks to those who were above 21 and free rainbow themed revolution doughnuts for all.

When I first arrived it was interesting to see Evans converted into a dance area, but I think it blended itself well to the low key style of the dance. The DJ was good, playing a mix of music, but he did interrupt some of my favorite bops, so I am a bit salty about that. There were many dance circles and there was a feeling of community as we all danced together. Of course both “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Cotton Eye Joe” were played, it wouldn’t be an Agnes event if they weren’t.

People were dressed in varying degrees and fanciness, from prom dresses to a nice top and jeans. I decided to go with a complete gay aesthetic with body glitter and a rainbow boa. I had a great time with my boa at the do it yourself photo booth they had in the corner.  The photo booth had some simple props and background, but it also had a Polaroid camera, which added a great touch.



Overall, I had a fantastic time at Queer Prom. The welcoming and fun atmosphere of the dance were perfect. Also for those who couldn’t have their ideal prom experience in high school because of their sexuality, it was also a time to have that experience. Having a space were you feel totally comfortable being yourself is a right we all deserve. And I feel Queer Prom was that space to be 100% authentically yourself.