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COVID-19 Friendly Spring Break Ideas for 2021

     As we all know, spring break 2021 will be (or at least it should be) spent in quarantine/lockdown/isolation. And for a lot of schools, spring break is only a day or two to as a way to discourage students from traveling far. That doesn’t mean it still can’t be a fun and relaxing time for exhausted high school and college students alike. Here are some suggestions for how to still have a little bit of fun on your break.

     Several websites offer free virtual escape rooms that can be done alone or in a (virtual) group. Or, if the weather is finally warming up where you are, plan a picnic! Either alone or with some friends (and if you are with friends make sure to wear masks and space yourselves out), pack some snacks and enjoy some time outdoors. Take this time to try a new recipe, or get take-out from that place that’s been just a little too far to realistically drive to during the school week. 


Here are some quick-reads to enjoy during your time off: 


    The Percy Jackson and The Olympians series is fun, lighthearted, and has just enough action to hold anyone’s attention despite being a middle-grade read. If you’re looking for something a little darker, the Shadow and Bone Trilogy  is an amazing option, especially with the Netflix series coming out in April. For an incredibly light, wholesome read, the To All The Boys trilogy is an amazing distraction from real world stress. 


Use this time to catch up on the shows and movies you’ve been to busy to watch: 


     By this time next week, all nine episodes of “WandaVision” will be on Disney+ to binge if you’ve been missing the weekly releases. For something a little more lighthearted, “Selena + Chef” is the perfect easy-to-watch show that also exposes you to new recipes. To go along with the book recommendation, If you missed the release of “To All The Boys: Always and Forever”, this is a perfect time to rewatch the entire trilogy. Or, pick a film series (Marvel, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc.) and plan a movie marathon with family or friends


Most importantly, use spring break as a time to rest. You absolutely deserve it after the year you’ve had. 

Taelor Daugherty

Agnes Scott '22

Taelor Daugherty is an English Literature-Creative Writing major at Agnes Scott College. She plans either go into media-related journalism or into the film and television industry as a screenwriter.
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