Coffee Fun!

Note: The guest writer of this article was the one and only Laura Stordy!

At the Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics, this weekend, my co-researcher (Laura Stordy) and I found time to wax poetic about coffee, and want to pass on our opinions about why you should make your own coffee!

Reasons to get your own coffee maker:

  1. Caffeine whenever you want

  2. Coffee shops cost big bucks

  3. The lines at Black Cat

  4. Morning ritual

  5. Instagram points

  6. AdultingTM

  7. Better for the environment than buying coffee while out


Author recommendations:

  1. Audrey got a Bialetti for the holidays and they’ve been loving it! It’s a 3 piece Italian coffee maker, which (like a cast iron pan) shouldn’t be washed with soap, just rinsed. For a college student, this is a big benefit.

  2. Audrey also got a milk frother, which gives extra Instagram points and fun texture in their coffee!

  3. Laura has been using a pour over coffee maker, which is super nice for the college student that just wants one cup at a time. It takes longer to make than a Keurig, but produces better quality coffee and is easier to customize- mix hot cocoa powder in with your coffee grounds for a DIY mocha! Use more, or less, coffee grounds depending on how strong you want it!

These are our thoughts on coffee! What do you think? Do you have a favorite coffee making technique? Let us know in the comments! Happy brewing!