Apartment Living: There's An App for That!

The start of the semester is upon us, and between classes and schoolwork many students are trying to navigate apartment relationships. Here are 4 apps that could help.



Noticing that you and your roommate buy a lot of the same things? Tired of having multiple cartons of eggs and rolls of tape around the house? Interested in buying things communally for your living quarters? Splitwise may be the app to help. This app, which is available on iPhone, Android, and desktops, allows users to share bills and IOUs. Users can enter multiple email addresses and conveniently track who owes who what, allowing apartment dwellers, groups of friends, and more to track expenses.


One of the best (and worst -- for my time) cooking video shows that pops up in my Facebook feed, Tasty, has a great range of recipes for many occasions. Roommates can try recipes, which come with cute step-by-step videos, to bond and break in their kitchens. This is an adorable stop for party foods and new foods.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

While Tasty is great for the cute appeal and trendy foodstuffs, the Dinner Spinner offers a slightly more personalized view of your kitchen. Users can review recipes and create profiles to find the dish they’re looking for. In addition, cooks can create collections of recipes, see deals in their area, share, and create shopping lists. This is a great all-in-one stop for students.

Garden Manager: Plant Alarm

Looking to liven up your apartment but have a propensity for killing plants? An app for garden management could help with that! This app’s alarm system reminds you to water, fertilize, trim, and manage your plant in any other way you see fit. You may also take pictures and track the growth of your plant if you have an interest in data collection (any stats or bio students out there?) so you can grow the best plants. Users can share their plants’ progress and find florists in the area if they wish to expand their collection.