Animal Crossing’s Newest Phone-based Installment


Stressed about finals? Looking for a procrastination tool that satisfies your need for approval and task completion? Look no further than Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp! Available on Google Play and the App Store, Pocket Camp has all of the bug collecting, fruit picking, and animal befriending you need in these trying times.

Users begin by creating a little avatar to navigate the Pocket Camp world. They then get to start setting up a camp based on their personal tastes and the animals they wish to meet. The avatar goes on quests to gather supplies for activities with their animal friends, leveling up and gaining supplies to expand their camp as they improve friendships.

Animals are located around the pocket camp world. Click on them to find what they want, or just wander around and have conversations!

Users can also meet real world friends in-game and leave kudos on their campers and campsites.

Giving presents to animals levels up your friendship with them, and leads to rewards of supplies.

During the holiday season, candy canes are included in the rewards for task completion. Collect enough candy canes, and you can craft piles of presents and red and green decorations for your campsite. No money, time, or energy for real world decorations? Pocket Camp has you covered!

Have fun friendships with code based animals and join Pocket Camp! It’s a great study break for those long nights of study.