6 Ways to Relieve Flight Stress on Your Journeys Trip

(Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash)

For many people, flying in an airplane might be a regular occurrence. Whether it be for work or for vacation, traveling by plane is not only a quick but also efficient way to get from one place to another. Unfortunately for some though, it seems like one of the most frightening ways to travel. Understandably, it is quite worrisome after learning and hearing about crashes and terrorist attacks, but the odds of such things happening are quite low.


Traveling should be a fun experience, filled with downtime and relaxation. Here are some tips and tricks for enjoying your journey:


  1. One of the first things to do is accept that anxiety is completely normal, but try not to overthink the whole process of flying. That could create more problems and some worries should be left in the hands of qualified individuals in charge of flying and plane maintenance.

  2. Bring some things onto the plane that will help distract you, like a book or downloaded music. Sometimes preoccupying yourself with activities you like can help ease tension.

  3. Remember that qualified individuals are in charge of flying the plane and that they’ve had intensive training and are prepared to handle all sorts of situations. While flight attendants do things to help you stay comfortable, their primary purpose is ensuring the safety of the passengers.

  4. Don’t worry if you experience turbulence. It’s natural and usually just involves air movement which is very normal.

  5. Reflect on your anxieties. Discover why you’re afraid and try to pinpoint your fear and think about why flying is such a big issue.

  6. Flying in planes is, on average, actually safer than driving in cars, so try not to stress out too much. It calculated the odds of being in a fatal motor vehicle accident to be 1 in 98 for a lifetime, while for flying the odds are 1 in 7,178 for a lifetime. More information can be found here.


Hopefully these tips and tricks will help with flight anxiety, and remember that the nervousness before and after the flight will be worth it once you reach your destination. Safe travels!

(Photo by Gerrie van der Walt on Unsplash)