6 Ways to Not Lose it Completely When Driving in Atlanta

As a native Floridian, I thought I knew bad driving. I was wrong. Florida may have old people who can’t see and teenagers who think they run the road, but here, the famed slowness of the South also translates to the streets. Below are some techniques I use to keep from driving into the paths of the all too frequent trains.

1.    Utilize a traffic app! Apple Maps is definitely increasing in functionality, but Waze is still my go-to for trips into town. You may find yourself cruising through neighborhoods you’ve never seen, but anything is better than sitting still on the highway. Plus, you can communicate with fellow drivers, and get/receive thumbs up, which provides the positive validation I need when driving. (Image via Giphy)

2.    Be aware that your trip will almost definitely take longer than you thought it would. There is no such thing as a quick run to Kroger. Remember that every hour is rush hour, and try to avoid buying ice cream or making time-sensitive plans. Even the apps can get confused, or not be as up to date as they should be. (This gif is an exact representation of my motivation.)

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3.    Keep snacks and water in the car. Being hungry and thirsty will only make you more frustrated, and you’ll be more tempted to stop and spend money on food. Having snacks make it more fun, like a road trip. (Image via Giphy)

4.    I also find podcasts to be supremely helpful. Music can start to sound repetitive and can be easy to tune out as you fall into a spiral of angry thoughts about the car that just cut you off, but podcasts are engaging. There’s one on just about every subject, so it should be easy to find something you like. I’ve even found myself hoping my drive will last just a little longer so that I could finish listening!

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5.    On that note, enjoy the journey! Think of this as a chance to decompress, as a set time when you’re not supposed to be doing anything else except getting from point A to B. Check out your surroundings, call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, or use my trick of making phone calls you don’t want to make. That way, you have a built-in excuse to hang up when you get where you’re going. Just don’t get so distracted that you become part of the problem.

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6.    Practice kindness to others in cars. Odds are, everyone else is just as unhappy as you are, and letting someone in won’t delay you a life-changing amount of time. You don’t know their story or what’s going on with them, so give them the benefit of the doubt  Think of it as stocking up goodwill for the next time you realize you’re in a right turn only lane and you want to turn left.

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With any luck, you’ll get to your destination just in time to turn around and come back.