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5 Spotify Playlists to Get You Through Finals

Welcome to finals week everyone! It’s the most stressful time of the year, but remember that we’re so close to freedom (for a few weeks at least). Since you probably have at least three finals, two papers, and a million other things to do this week, you’ll need a few boosts to get you through it all. We should all take full advantage of the free hot chocolate, coloring sessions, and self care events going on around campus, but you might also need some music. Whether you listen to music while studying and writing papers or just to de-stress right after a final, there are some great playlists out there for you. If you’re looking for a change of pace, here are five great Spotify playlists to help you survive this week.


1. Intense Studying

If you’re a fan of listening to classic instrumental music while you work, this is a great playlist for you. With everything from Bach and Mozart to a cello cover of Ed Sheeran, these pretty, calm pieces will allow you to focus fully on your work.


Photo by Lonely Planet via Unsplash


2. Quiet Hours

My personal favorite study playlist, Quiet Hours is a chill, eclectic mix of “downtempo beats and ambient soundscapes” that will keep you focused and pleasantly surprised. Most of the songs have interesting titles that I love, like “Lost in a Sea of Pillows and Blankets,” “zzz,” and “conversations with grandma.” I’m also a big fan of rain and forest sounds, and this playlist gives you great songs with those ambient sounds mixed in. If you’re looking for new study music unlike anything you’ve heard before, this playlist is the one for you.


3. Totally Stress Free

This is a fun playlist for when you need a break from studying or want to celebrate checking one more thing off your finals to do list. The songs are upbeat but relaxed, so they can keep you in a productive mood even when you’re not working. It’s a lot of songs you know and love with some happy throwbacks tossed in (think “I’m Yours” and “Hey Soul Sister”). Perfect for relieving stress and keeping you going in the middle of the week!


4. Chill Lofi Study Beats

This playlist is full of five hours of “perfect study beats” to keep you focused. This one is great for keeping you awake and concentrated, even if you’re alone in the library at 1:00 a.m. There’s no words and the music isn’t distracting, so put your earbuds in and turn up the volume while you study.


Photo by Drew Coffman via Unsplash


5. Christmas Peaceful Piano

Ready to get in the holiday mood but still stuck at Agnes writing papers? This playlist is perfect for subtly getting excited for Christmas while still staying focused. With piano covers of all your favorite classic Christmas songs (yes, even All I Want for Christmas is You), you can let the thought of the holidays motivate you to finish without being distracted by the need to sing Mariah Carey at the top of your lungs. Once you get done, of course, you can do that to your heart’s content.


No matter what kind of music you choose to listen to this week, I hope it helps you make it through finals! Focus, do your best work, and remember that we’re almost done. Good luck!

Melody Simmons

Agnes Scott '21

Melody Simmons is a sophomore at Agnes Scott College. She's majoring in English with a double minor in History and Music. She hopes to someday have a career in editing or publishing. Along with writing for Her Campus, Melody is a tutor at the Center for Writing and Speaking and serves at Editor for Sigma Alpha Iota, Gamma Eta. Her favorite things in the world are her friends, travel, and music. She's a singer, a cellist, and is working on becoming a guitarist as well. She's originally from east Tennessee, but she's loving Decatur and Atlanta already.
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