5 Pictures That Might Just Make You Say “What?”

The beginning of the semester is a time marked by disorganization, stress, and last minute schedule changes. It can also be a great time for simple distractions before the real challenges of the year begin. In this case, those distractions come in the form of a few pictures that may or may not make you laugh or question its weirdness for just a moment.

1. Aw, Ed looks so cute…. Now, take another look. This picture has been circulating for a while, but it can still manage to take some people by surprise because of its subtle weirdness. Someone actually took the time to replace all of the leaves behind Ed Sheeran with smaller pictures of Ed Sheeran’s face. Which is weirder? The actual picture or people’s dedication to photoshop?

2. Maybe I’m missing something here…. No seriously, how is this even possible? Did two motorcycles ride through to create that perfect spacing? Or did that sign appear AFTER the tracks were made? It’s a mystery even the Scooby Gang might not be able to uncover.

3. That baby has seen some disturbing stuff…. This seems way too unbelievable to me. Where did the gold come from? WTF fun facts doesn’t seem like the most reputable source, but their “facts” are occasionally right. After further research, there have been scientific studies that prove substances like zinc, copper, manganese and even gold have been found in small quantities in newborn hair.

4. How long did those white boys take to pose…. There is no way this picture came about naturally. They must have planned it or at least worked on perfecting those angles for a while. Not only that, but are they all friends or brothers because they look remarkably like the same person with only some variation in hair color. If you look closely at the background, you might also spot a very disappointed-looking older man.

5. Mr. Disney must have pissed off the wrong animator…. The picture of Snow White, the fairest of them all, is disturbing on it’s own, but the tumblr comments are eye opening. One of the animators must have known this would eventually be spotted. Or maybe it was a mistake. Either way, Snow looks like she messed up big time.


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