5 Common Courtesies That You Rarely See Anymore

There are so many common courtesies that have been long forgotten or people just don’t care about anymore. These acts are so simple and barely take any energy to do, but people just don’t think about it.


1. Holding the door open for the person behind you.

This one is so simple! Just be aware if there is someone behind you and hold the door open, people.

2. Letting people walk out of the elevator before you get on.

I’m talking about the people in Bullock and Buttrick...that’s right...I’m talking about you.

3. Saying please and thank you.

If I see one more person get food from Mollies and not say please or thank you…

4. Taking your headphones out/getting off the phone when someone is serving you.

Why...like, just..why…

5. Stepping to one side of the escalator so people can walk up if they want to.

This one isn’t as popular, but it’s still important.