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4 Youtube Channels for Fashion Lovers

Whether you love learning about the fashion industry or simply enjoy watching Youtube videos, I'd recommend checking these channels out! 

The Fashion Archive

This channel is hosted by a Fashion and Communications student who documents and comments on fashion. His videos are very informative and are great for people who want to gain foundational information about the fashion industry. In addition to videos about the history of fashion and the backgrounds of luxury fashion brands, he also comments on topics such as the need for diversity in fashion. This channel overall is very insightful and informative. ​

Clever and Chic

This channel is hosted by a graphic designer, fashion illustrator and stylist. She provides commentary on fashion, beauty, TV/film and lifestyle from a scientific, sociological, and psychological perspective. I always look forward to hearing the host’s perspective on the impact that fashion has on media as well as in our daily lives. 

Nava Rose

The host of this channel is a DIY queen. Many of her videos consist of her showing her viewers how to make fashionable outfits on a budget, which I love. This channel is perfect for people who want to learn how to customize their wardrobes to be exactly the way they want it to look. She’s also a dancer and a K-Pop fan who occasionally posts dance videos or K-Pop inspired looks. 



This channel is hosted by a group of women who all have unique styles. Their videos primarily consist of them competing with one another to style their guests in a way that takes into account both their own styles as well as the style of the guest. The guests on this channel have included rappers Saweetie, Rico Nasty, and Doja Cat as well as  Tik Tok stars such as Noen Eubanks and Heir of Atticus. Although the channel is currently on hiatus, I would highly recommend lurking through their videos if you haven’t watched any yet. One of my favorite things to do is to guess which of the hosts will win each challenge. 


Brianna Walton

Agnes Scott '21

Brianna graduated from Agnes Scott College in 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Business Management. She has a passion for social justice issues, self-care, and self-expression via writing. Her favorite things to do are listen to music, draw, talk to friends, and take long walks in nature. She is currently working as a digital marketer and freelance social media manager.
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