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4 Ways To Get Involved at Agnes Scott

One thing that drew me to Agnes Scott is the fact that it provides you with so many different ways to get involved not only on campus but also within the global community. There is a wide range of diverse clubs, athletic teams, and programs run by the school that can keep you active. The key is making sure to actively seek out these activities and making sure you stay aware of deadlines. Here are a few activities Scotties should look forward to!


Become an Impact Leader.


Impact Peer Leaders are the students that dedicate time to community engagement and making a positive change in the world. In this program, students provide their peers with engaging educational and direct service experiences. These Scotties focus on a great variety of topics such as Human Trafficking, Hunger/Food Deserts, Gender-Based Violence, and Animal Rights. If you are passionate about any social justice issue, this program is perfect for you! The application opens towards the end of the Spring Semester. 

Participate in SGA.

Elections for the Student Government Association are typically held during the Spring semester. There are many positions you can apply for including President, Vice President, Senator-at-large, and many others. Even if you don’t want to join as a specific member of the Student Government Association, their meetings are open to the public. Just make sure to check your emails to find out when they will be.

Join a Student Organization. 

The student organizations at Agnes Scott have a diverse range of focuses. These clubs include academic organizations, multicultural organizations, religious and spiritual life organizations, student publications, health-related organizations, service organizations, student recreation organizations, and social organizations. These organizations are filled with intelligent, dedicated, and passionate Scotties that will more than likely welcome you with open arms. If you cannot find contact information for these clubs, contact the IOC, Inter-Organizational Council, to request the e-mail address of an exec board member. You can even join the IOC as a member if you would like to. If you are a Scottie that is passionate about writing, regardless of experience level, Her Campus would be delighted to have you join as a writer! Email [email protected] to join today! 

Join an Athletic Team.

If you are interested in playing a sport on campus, Agnes has many to offer. The teams we have include Tennis, Cross-Country, Basketball, and many others. If you join a team, you may get to opt-out of the mandatory Physical Education course.

These are just a few of the many opportunities that Agnes Scott has to offer! Make sure you stay alert and inquire about any programs you would be interested in. There are so many people and departments at Agnes that are excited to help you make the most out of your time here so take advantage of that. Make sure that when you graduate you don’t leave with any regrets.

Brianna Walton

Agnes Scott '21

Brianna is a Junior at Agnes Scott College. She is majoring in Political Science and Business Management, with a minor in Anthropology/Sociology. She has a passion for social justice issues (especially those regarding race, class, and gender), self-care, and self-expression via writing. Her favorite things to do are listen to music, draw, talk to friends, and take long walks in Decatur.
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