10 Stages of Grief When the Wifi is Down

On Friday, April 21, 2017, Agnes Scott students were tested when the wifi was down for over 12 hours. Scotties didn’t know what to do without Google Suite, printers, Netflix, and more. Faculty and staff were using this opportunity to take care of spring cleaning because they could not do their work either. All of us made it through the wifi outage on Friday, but most of us experienced some (or all) of these stages of grief.



What’s happening? Is it just my building?



I have 5 papers due, 7 finals to study for, an internship application due, and I have to figure out how to save the world… What am I going to do???



How long can it take to fix the wifi? Where is AT&T?



How are we supposed to do college without wifi?!


What if it never comes back?



This is how the Scotties did it in the old days…


I wonder if class will be canceled… What if they have to cancel exams?!



It’s been over 10 hours… What could AT&T be doing?



I haven’t gone this long without Netflix since it was created.


Well… This is how it’s going to be now.

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