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Every Halloween, people seem to split up into two groups: those that think costumes should be scary, and those that think costumes should be sexy. This usually leads to a debate about who is celebrating Halloween correctly. On a day where everyone is dressing up in costume, it seems foolish to discriminate between scary and sexy; everyone looks ridiculous! When it comes down to it, every person has the right to decide whether to wear a scary or sexy costume, it’s their body.  
Sexy costumes may use less fabric, but they are by no means less of a costume because of it. If someone feels confident enough to show off their body, why not wear an attractive costume? Sure, perhaps some situations would call for more modesty. I don’t think a sexy Ketchup bottle would be an appropriate choice for taking kids trick or treating. Usually, people use common sense in these cases. However, if your Halloween celebrations include parties and just a general fun night out with friends, go for the sexy costume if you’re comfortable! 
I feel that in a college setting, sexy costumes do seem to prevail over the traditional scary costume. There’s nothing wrong with this, but we also shouldn’t put down the people that opt for the non-sexy Frankenstein costume. Halloween is all about monsters and ghouls, so a traditional monster or ghoul fits perfectly fine. Also, it doesn’t mean that these people are any less comfortable with their bodies. Some people just have more fun looking scary, and that’s totally fine.  
We should break down this weird rivalry between sexy costumes and scary costumes. People will wear what they want to wear, and no one should be judged for their outfit. If you’re really so concerned with someone else’s costume choice, I think you’ve missed the point of Halloween. Would a ghost really care if Barbie showed up in a bikini?  You’ll find that you’ll have a much better Halloween if you stop concerning yourself with looks and just get into the spirit.  
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