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Why This Season of American Idol Is So Refreshing

If you were a fan of American Idol from the start, you remember the days of Simon Cowell and his god awful remarks to just about anyone who was brave enough to audition. Kelly Clarkson, winner of the first season of Idol, said after her audition, “I was just happy because the British man didn’t make me cry.” As the show progressed from season to season, the attention seemed to drift more towards the judges (to whom varied over the years) rather than the contestants themselves. Ratings began to drop significantly and as a result, Idol was to say its final farewell in Season 15.

However, rumors of a potential reboot were confirmed to be true and Idol was scheduled to air on ABC March 11th, 2018. I’m glad to say that Idol is back and more refreshing than ever! The judges this season are Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan. What I notice most about the contestants is the amount of original songwriters. Instead of doing song covers in hopes to move from one round to the next, quite a few contestants are performing their own music. Here are the top 3 women songwriters this season I believe will go beyond the Idol stage!


Catie Turner

I KNEW this girl would make it to the Top 10! In fact, her audition was the first to be shown this season. As quirky as Turner may be, her songwriting is absolutely brilliant for her age. At 17 years old, she has developed a style of her own unlike any other contestant on the show. The lyrics within her original songs truly hit home, especially to young women growing up today. Check out her original song, “21st Century Machine”, here!


Harper Grace

Let’s give this girl a round of applause. Although Grace did not make it past the dreaded Hollywood Week, she kicked ass with her solo performance of “R.I.P.”, an original song about a past relationship. I’m surprised she did not make it further but at least America now knows her name. Check out her emotional performance here!



Maddie Poppe

Oh Maddie, the world needs your voice! What I love most about Poppe is that her voice compliments any song she chooses. Her falsetto is so beautiful and goes to show that you do not have to be a powerhouse to make it into the Top 10. Check out her mesmerizing performance of her original song “Don’t Ever Let Your Children Grow Up” here!


Will an original songwriter like Catie Turner or Maddie Poppe be crowned the next American Idol? We will just have to cross our fingers (after texting in our votes) and see! The Grand Finale of Season 16 will take place Monday, May 21st 8/7c on ABC.

Hi! My name is Kerri Hayman and I am an undergraduate student at Adelphi University. My passion for writing lies within the lines of my poetry. I truly believe that when spoken word fails, written word speaks. Writing has allowed me to open a creative door for others to venture through and to relate on a personal level. Through struggles and triumphs, writing has become an artistic outlet for me to express my creative self!
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