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Why ‘Julie and The Phantoms’ Deserves a Season 2

Julie and The Phantoms is a musical comedy-drama that started streaming on Netflix in 2020. It was adapted from a Brazilian show of the same name, Julie e os Fantasmas. It follows Julie (played by Madison Reyes) as she struggles to reconnect with her love of music after the death of her mother who also loved music. One night, after playing one of her mom’s old CDs, she is surprised by the sudden appearance of three spirits (Luke, Alex, and Reggie) who eventually help lead her back into the world of music. I’ll be explaining some reasons why this show deserves a season two.


The Big End-of-Season Cliffhanger

(Spoiler Alert) The final episode left viewers with a shocking cliffhanger. The show captures the journey of The Phantoms trying to escape an evil spirit known as Caleb. They can’t seem to get rid of him because eventually Caleb takes over one of their friends’ bodies (Nick) and possesses him. It ends there and, ugh, I wanna know how this will play out. Will Nick overcome Caleb’s possession? Will Julie and The Phantoms know that Nick is not who they think he is? 

The Music 

 I’m a sucker for shows or movies with good soundtracks. I’m not a professional, but I want to say this show has one of the best soundtracks of 2020. Of course, I have personal favorites, but the soundtrack as a whole has an uplifting feel. My favorite songs from the show are ‘Bright’ and ‘Unsaid Emily’. In ‘Bright’, Julie is performing for the first time without feeling nervous in front of her school. Then, the Phantoms appear and start performing with her, not knowing they can be seen by others when they perform. ‘Unsaid Emily’ is sung by Luke, the lead singer of The Phantoms. He expresses his guilt and regret leaving his mom after a big fight and never coming back.

The Cast Chemistry

The casting was perfect for this show and their chemistry on and off-screen is so adorable. I think having a connection with your co-workers is awesome and it just makes for better performance. The cast is friends in real life and you can tell how genuine their friendship is. Like any normal fan of the show, I instantly went online and watched hundreds of cast interviews. The cast wants to work with each other again and I would want to see them all together on screen again as well. 

So, if you wanna check out Julie and The Phantoms on Netflix, I recommend it as a fun watch. You’ll be invested, just like me, and hope there will be many more seasons to come.

Hi! I'm Jolisa. I am a Sophomore Social Work Major at Adelphi. I love music, sweets, and sunflowers. I've always loved writing what I'm passionate about.
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