Why I Love Lilly Singh

If you’re a Youtube connaisseur like me, you probably already know and love the hilarious Youtube personality, Lilly Singh. And if you’re even more like me, you want her to be your best friend forever.


What’s that you say? Yes you, all the way in the back! You don’t know who Lilly Singh is? Gassssssp! *grabs chest and falls to the ground*



In case you haven’t heard of this bawse (more on that word later), please allow me to introduce you to this wonderful unicorn.



This is Lilly Singh:


*faints* I know, I know, she’s an absolute vision. Beyond that, she’s an activist, comedian, writer, actress, and Youtube personality. I first discovered Lilly’s main channel iiSuperwomanii five years ago and instantly felt a connection with her. She’s incredibly relatable, hilarious, open, creative, and inspiring. The name ‘Superwoman’ fits her beautifully. And she loves popcorn, so I knew we were spiritually connected from the start. I’m not addicted, you are!



I’ve only grown to appreciate her more and more throughout the years for several reasons, three of which I want to share with you today.


  1. #GirlLove


For years Lilly has been a positive light in my life with her upbeat personality and encouraging videos. With her Girl Love campaign, she’s promoted support and uplift between girls all around the world. Singh created the hashtag #GirlLove to address and prompt other girls to end girl-on-girl hate. The movement fights against girls tearing down other girls, and instead promotes unity and elevation of others. Check out this amazing video of hers featuring other inspirational women (many you’ll recognize) who are advocates for Girl Love here.


Furthermore, she’s been able to provide access to education for girls in Kenya with the employment of Rafiki bracelets that the girls made themselves. I proudly wear mine almost every day.


  1. Being Open and Honest


Let me tell you this. Lilly has progressively become more and more open with her audience about her life experiences, relationships with others, and her journey in general. Of course she hasn’t shared EVERYTHING with everyone, as that would be unhealthy, but she’s invited us all into her life on multiple occasions. Whether it be from her past experiences with depression, what she’s learned from her relationships, or her personal self-image, Superwoman has been transparent in many ways. It takes a lot of courage to be honest with yourself in general, and the fact that she’s opened herself up to be honest with her audience is very admirable.


  1. How To Be A Bawse


Remember when I mentioned Lilly being a bawse up above? Here’s what I meant by that. The exact definition of a bawse, as described on her official book website, is: “a person who exudes confidence, reaches goals, gets hurt efficiently, and smiles genuinely because they've fought through it all and made it out the other side”. Pretty awesome right? A bawse is basically a ‘boss’ but a million times better, in that they are proactive in all aspects of their lives. Lilly gives an even better, witty definition in this video.


I’m ⅔ of the way through with this masterpiece, and I don’t want it to end. The book is so real and personal. It’s made me think about my life in ways I hadn’t before, in terms and examples that feel unique and familiar at the same time. I love that she’s created this incredible guide based off of an amalgamation of experiences and real advice. I’ve said it twice and I’ll say it again, she keeps it real.


In summary, she’s revolutionary. If you watch her videos and/or read her book (I recommend both), not only will you fall in love with her personality, but also her work ethic and growth mindset. She’s all about productivity and doing things to the best of your ability. I think we could all use that motivation and inspiration from time to time.


To Lilly, if you ever see this: I want you to know that you’ve helped me become a better person, friend, and sister. By watching your vlogs, reading your book, and following your journey for the past couple of years, I’ve developed greater confidence in myself and a greater understanding about the world. I appreciate your refreshing honesty and your hustle-harder mentality. Thank you for your existence and impact. As mentioned before, I think we should be best friends. I can see us going to the most delicious vegetarian spots together, and having casual conversations about changing the world. I’ll bring the popcorn!