Who Do We Trust?

Gun control becomes a hot topic whenever there is a tragedy involving a shooter. Our country has been through many tragedies involving gunmen and innocent victims. Sandy Hook is only one example of how senseless and horrible they can be.

            Banning guns across the nation seems to be a farfetched dream that won’t happen because people will always quote the constitutional right to bear arms – as they should. We live in the United States and have to be protective of our rights. Gun ownership should be restricted, not eliminated.

            Intensive background checks should be required. Not only should you be checked for felonies or have your police record checked but a mental health evaluation should be necessary. How many times have we heard that shooters were depressed or not in the right state of mind when they committed the atrocities? So many were known to be seeking help for a mental illness. This would make our lives safer.  

            People are impulsive; how many tragedies could we avoid if we made people wait before they could have a gun? While some states have waiting periods but many do not. Longer wait periods mean more effective background checks and it also means fewer guns in impulsive people’s hands.

            Why is that you have to be 21 to consume alcohol but not to buy a gun? Why is it that the government considers alcohol to be more dangerous than guns? The same rules restricting alcohol should apply to guns.

There are many people who are against gun control and believe it is the government invading our personal lives. But let us consider this: while we don’t think 18 year olds are responsible enough to drink, how can they be responsible enough for a gun?