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Where to Catch the Halloween Classics

If you’re looking to find some spooky movies this coming week to prepare for Halloween, then you’ve come to the right place!  Sometimes you just want to curl up with some hot chocolate and watch those Halloween classics – we all do!


If you’re the type of girl who flips through channels to find that classic, then you’re going to want to flip to ABC Family! They put on what they call “13 Nights of Halloween” – it’s when, for the thirteen nights leading up to and including Halloween, all your favorite spooky movies are played, and it’s totally awesome. Flip no more, you’ve found your perfect Halloween movie channel at last.

If you’re more of the on-demand type, then Netflix is definitely the place to be. Horror movies, thrillers, not-so-scary movies, they’ve got it all. And it all comes with your subscription! Put on your most comfy pajamas, grab the snacks, and snuggle up, because it looks like your weekend is going to involve some binge watching!


If you like to go on the hunt for your fave movies, then check out your local stores! A lot of shops and even supermarkets will have holiday-specific movies on sale during the week of that holiday. What does that mean for you? Your fave slasher movie, for like, four bucks – score!

Now, once you’ve found your selection, it’s time to actually choose the movie – probably the hardest part. To help ease your stress in picking the perfect film, here are some of my all-time favorite Halloween movies (in no particular order) 


The Nightmare Before Christmas – It’s a Halloween movie AND a Christmas movie at the same time – what could be better?!

Hocus Pocus – This one needs no explanation. It’s just a classic. 

The Insidious Trilogy – Creepy ghosts and a dark spirit world? Sign us up!

Halloweentown – Relive your childhood and the glory days of the Disney Channel with this classic Halloween hit!

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown – In all honesty, what’s a holiday without a Charlie Brown movie?

Nightmare on Elm Street – A scary classic film that no one really ever gets tired of.


So collegiettes, when you’ve picked out your costume, finalized your Halloween night plans, and just want to relax and get into the festive spirit, find your perfect movie, curl up with some popcorn, and enjoy. Happy Halloween!



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