What They Don't Tell You About Portland



When I hear someone mention Portland, I immediately think of aesthetic oasis, cannabis freedom! Great coffee, bomb doughnuts, beautiful scenery, and quirky people!

It all sounds very enticing, right?

Doesn’t it make you want to hop on the next flight out? Well, before you book your flight to Portland, Oregon, I’m going to tell you a little bit about the things we normally wouldn’t know.

For one, be prepared for a culture shock. If you’re a city girl, and you’re used to the city life, you can leave that thought at the airport. Portland is dead. D-E-A-D. Dead. Don’t expect to see a lot of people roaming the streets. The only time you’ll see people out and about is during their lunch breaks, and after 5pm, when most people are getting out of their 9-5 jobs. Even at night time, don’t expect to see crowds of people roaming the streets.

It’s just not a thing, and I honestly couldn’t tell you why.

Second, the homeless population is out of this world. Obviously, every state has their fair share of homeless people, but Portland is overcrowded with homeless individuals.

In Downton, almost every block you walk, you will find 1-2 homeless people sitting on the curbs. You’ll even find them hanging out in groups in front of stores.

This leads to my next fun fact…most of the stores either close early or most of the entrances are locked. Me, being the unlucky person that I am was gifted my monthly friend and had to make a quick stop at the nearest CVS. My friend and I went to the entrance, pulled on the door, and surprise…it was locked. We kind of stood there, unsure of what to do with ourselves.

A security guard happened to be near by and came to the door. He unlocked it for us, and we entered the store. He explained that they locked the entrance to prevent the homeless from getting in and engaging in things they should not be. The situation was understandable, but still shocking.

Okay, I know Portland is known for their food trucks, but honestly, they aren’t that special. I personally felt like there weren’t many varieties when it came to food trucks.

Despite these minor details, Portland is a nice place to visit. Just make sure you travel with a group of friends and you’ll be sure to have a great time!

Here are my top 6 destinations to visit in Portland:

1.       I recommend visiting the Japanese Garden! It is very peaceful and relaxing!

2.       Visit Portland’s Museum if you’re into art!

3.       Head over to Powell’s bookstore if you’re a bookworm like me!

4.       You have to check out the “Keep Portland Weird sign”

5.       Visit Voodoo doughnuts or Blue Star, they are both delicious!!

6.       If you like hiking, please visit Forest Park, the scenery is to die for!

Lastly, when in Portland don’t forget to be yourself and enjoy yourself!