What to Look Forward to at 21

It’s finally that time! You're officially 21 years old a legal adult now. People often think of drinking alcohol their first time turning 21 but that’s not the only perk of becoming 21. Here are the other eight cool things that you can do once you turn 21.  


  1. Get a horizontal license

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2. If you study abroad especially in the U.K at 21 at 21 you can get a pilot license for airplane, helicopter, gyroplane

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(Does that sounds awesome or what!?)


3. Supervise a learning driver

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Now you can teach your lil sis or lil bro to drive so they can drive you around now

4. Go to Casinos outside New York

In New York state you at 18 years old you can go to a casino in New York as long as they don’t have alcohol being served. Now that you are 21 you are able to go to other states and gamble without being told no.

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5. Book Hotels

Want a girls night out outside your town? A girls trip is definitely what you need. Hotels won’t allow 18-year-old book a hotel but now that you're 21 and a legal adult you can get that sweet room with the awesome view and hang out with your girls.

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Some people look forward to drinking and hey that’s ok. Just remember to drink responsibly of course. But for those of us who don’t drink there are some awesome perks to becoming 21 too.

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