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What I Learned After Joining Clubs My Sophomore Year of College

One thing I looked forward to when starting my freshman year of college was joining the clubs. I already had in mind which ones I wanted to join, however, my  club-bucketlist plans were halted once I found out they met at night. This conflicted with my commute, especially seeing as I still took public transportation to and from school. I did have a chance to start joining clubs when school transitioned an online format in March 2020, as the clubs ended up meeting on Zoom. However, I chose not to because I, personally, just wasn’t comfortable with joining clubs in the middle of the semester. 

Then came the Fall 2020 semester, and I decided that it would be the perfect time to start joining clubs. The clubs I joined are Black Students United, AU Feminist Alliance, and obviously, Her Campus! As my sophomore year winds to an end, I have been reflecting on my time in these clubs. What I noticed is that I have evolved as a person thanks to my times in these organizations . During my freshman year of college, when I had down time from school, I just did the ordinary things: spend time on my phone, watch TV, you name it. But when I joined clubs sophomore year, it felt as if I was thriving. I was learning a lot through the club meeting discussions, laughing so hard from the funny moments, and making new friends in the process of it all. I have also either gained or enhanced some skills such as communication, creativity, and writing (which is obvious as I have had the opportunity to write numerous articles, including this one).

Here’s some advice that I have for those who are entering college or who are still in college: join at least one club next year. Joining just one club will change your life. You will meet all kinds of people and learn from them. You will also make lasting and funny memories with them, as well as become friends with them. They could also help you out with whatever concerns you may have. Clubs also help you either develop or enhance some skills. These skills will surely help you out in your future careers. 

My college experience has certainly become better thanks to my time in these clubs. The people in each have surely made a lasting impact on me. Not only have I learned from them and they have given me some moments of comedic relief, but they also have directly and indirectly helped me in developing and enhancing some skills. If clubs can have this impact on me, they can surely have this impact on you.

Hello reader! I am Carmilia Moise, and I am a second-year student at Adelphi University. I am majoring in Nursing. My favorite things to do are sing, act, dance, listen to music, and watch films and TV shows. I’m so excited to share my thoughts and likings through my article contributions to Her Campus!
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