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What Could Be Bad About Free College Education?

Sometimes even just the thought of paying college tuition is enough to send students into tears. That’s why the recent proposal by President Obama for two free years of community college seems like a hallelujah.

President Obama aims towards making community college more accessible by providing government funding for students to attend college for two years. Finances are the top barrier towards higher education. In a world increasingly dependent upon college education, young people need more opportunity to acquire a degree. Obama’s plan would provide students who maintain a C+ average with federal funding to attend college. The goal is to ultimately raise enrollment rates, alleviate student debt, and force colleges and governments to put more resources towards helping students.

Unfortunately, this proposal must fight it’s way through Congress and requires the cooperation of state governments. There is already a strong voice of opposition. One of the major concerns about Obama’s plan is the rise in taxes needed to provide the funding. Obama initially proposed taxing 529 accounts, which are used to save for college education, but has since withdrawn this proposal. The Obama administration now proposes to further tax capital gains.

Another point of criticism is the quality of the system. With more people attending community college and limited funding, resources may be spread thin. Officials are worried about the quality of the education that could be received through community college. This is a fair point, as one only needs to look at the faults in the public school system to see what may happen when schools do not have the resources they need.

So what is the answer? The majority of students don’t care about capital gains tax, they just want help. How can lawmakers make college more accessible while holding on to their own purse strings? How can a system be devised that ensures a quality education, not a bargain education? One thing is for sure, students are suffering and something needs to change.

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