Ways to Stay Together Even When You’re Miles Apart

Me and my friend have been best friends since high school and when she went across the country to Nebraska, I got really scared. I was going to Adelphi where yeah, a couple kids from our graduating class were gonna be, but they weren’t people I was close with. They were people that I was friendly with and would have class with from time to time or see in the hallway. More importantly, they weren’t my best friend.



So in the times that we aren’t together, especially when school starts again, we found three great ways to keep us together when we are far apart.


  • Social Media

    • The absolute best part about being a millenial is social media. When my mother was going to college she didn’t have the same luxury we sometimes take for granted. When she wanted to talk to a friend, she’d have to find a pay phone, have some coins, and hope that the person was home or at the least, they had an answering machine. Now, I can just send a text and if she isn’t in class or has a second to spare, she can answer. If I want to share a funny video or a cute photo I can click ‘share’ on snapchat, facebook, or instagram, pinterest even, I can show it to her without being right next to her.



  • Date Night, Not Nervous

    • We decided to make promises to see each other at least once when she is back on the east coast. We choose to either go out to dinner, shopping, or something as simple as watching movies together at my place. We don’t have to spend a lot of money to go anywhere when all we need was to be together have one another



  • Remember The Memories and Choose to Add to Them.

    • We remember that we are important to one another. We remember that we are friends and have been friends for at least five years together because we love each other, we have a great friendship, and that, in my case, there isn’t another friend like her.



Although  we are miles and miles apart and aren’t able to see each other every day and able to witness the events that we have every day, we know that in only a couple months, we’ll be able to see each other once again.