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Ways To Not Be Bored This Summer

Hey Girls! For us College ladies, IT’S ALMOST SUMMER! Soon it will be nothing but tan lines and hot guys. That is, if you’re not stuck at home bored out of your mind! Not all of us are so lucky to live near a beach and some of us don’t even like beaches (guilty!). But, you can’t just sit at home watching Netflix all day, as great as that sounds. Sooner or later, you’ll either run out of Gossip Girl episodes to watch, or get bored. Here are 10 things to try this summer!

1. Paint/Redecorate Your Room


Paint it purple, paint it pink, paint it blue! Move things around, change up the feng shui a little bit! Get new furniture! Whatever you want! This will definitely occupy you for a few days if not more. Plus, its a ton of fun!


2. Start a Garden


This is a very time consuming activity. However, it’s definitely worth it! Additionally, it’s something that you can tend to each summer and keep going so you’ll always be busy. Plus, imagine everything you can bake from the goodies you’ll be planting!! 


3. Have an 80’s Movie Marathon

Grab the girls (or your cat!) and bunker down for the best blast-from-the-past experience ever. Popcorn, blankets, and some Pretty In Pink never hurt anybody! There are so many good classics to choose from. Already watched them? Most of these, you can never watch enough! 


4. Take a Road Trip 

Now, not everyone is fortunate to have a car. However, I’m sure you can find a friend who does! And if not, if you and your friends chip in to rent a car, the cost goes way down. Explore! Have fun! Eat food! And maybe meet some cute boys! 


Of course, there are many other small things you can do like read, write, exercise, get a job, things like that. However, those don’t take up the whole summer! These are some big, bold ideas to make this summer the most exciting one of your life. Feeling crazy? Try all of them! We all know there’s plenty of time! Whatever you do, just make sure you stay safe and have as much fun as you possibly can! Have a great summer ladies! 


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