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Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas to Rock You Valentine’s Day

A day with love in the air, that could only mean one thing: Valentine’s Day is here! A day designated just for love. This day could make it hard for some gals to choose what to wear. How much red is too much? How much pink should I wear? Is purple an option? What style goes with what? Here are a couple date outfit ideas to help you out of your room and to get you out of the door sooner!


Outfit One:

Red Sweater:  


Blue Jeans:



How to Make this Work: If you're having a semi-casual date going places like a flea market shopping or even going to a movie here's the outfit for you. It’s nice and soft sweater makes it comfortable for the cool air or the cool movie theater. This outfit can work for at least 3 out of the 4 seasons (unless you're always cold like me, then you can go four for four seasons)


Outfit Two:

White Shirt:


Pleather Skirt:


Nice boots:

How this outfit can work: Valentine's Day can have a little rock and roll vibe to it. Pleather adds that vintage rock and roll vibe for less ( #score ) and the boots wrap it all up with a sentimental heart shirt to make you look cool but kind at the same time 

Outfit Three:

Pink Slip Shirt:


White T-Shirt:

Blue Washed out Jeans:

White Sneakers:


How this Outfit can work: More or so in recent months the Slip Shirt Style has become very popular in pop culture and some celebrities have been taken it full force and now it’s your turn

Outfit Four:

Kiss Dress:

White heels:

How this outfit works: Stiletto Boots have come back into style and why not try it for a day to night outfit that will for sure look cute. Also maybe the kisses on this dress might inspire more kisses.

Outfit Five:

Black Dress:


Red Heels:


Although the day is covered in reds, pinks, purples, and that’s just not you. Here is one other day (besides a funeral that you can wear that little red dress). Add in these cute red heels for a dash of color.


Valentine’s Day can be stressful when picking what to wear on that special date with your other half. Hopefully, with these outfits to choose from, you can add a little spice and fun to your date night.


Hi, I'm Kait. I am currently a senior at Adelphi University and I am a Communications Major with a concentration in Digital Media and Cinema Studies. I love writing and have written stories ever since I was a little girl. Once I graduate from Adelphi University I hope to become a screenwriter working for film or television. But until then you'll see me socializing with my friends and family, studying for the next exam, or writing my scripts in the library.
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