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The Ultimate Indie Playlist to Start Your Morning

Whether it’s a coffee, a playlist, or both, I often need a boost to get my day started. However, after hours of sitting in traffic and listening to the same songs on repeat (shout-out to Z100), I decided to experiment with a different playlist. After coming across a mellow pop station on Pandora, I was immediately hooked to the vibe. Indie and non-mainstream music are absolute hidden gems. It’s up to you to find that artist that truly speaks to you. From Yuna comforting me during rough times to Christine and the Queens helping to boost my self-confidence as I strut across campus, each artist tells a story we can relate to on a personal level. With the variety of artists and songs I have fallen in love with over the years, it’s difficult to narrow my favorites down to such a short and sweet playlist. Whether you are into indie or just getting started, I hope you enjoy!

Anyone Else But You- The Moldy Peaches



Clay- Hana



Coffee- Sylvan Esso



Dancing on Glass- St. Lucia



iT- Christine and the Queens



Overcome- Tora feat. Merryn Jeann



Past Lives- Borns



Rescue- Yuna



Summer Days- Rhye



Two Atoms and a Molecule- Noah and the Whale   



Walking Away- HAIM



Young- Vallis Alps  



Now that you have a few tracks to rock your morning, be sure to explore artists outside the box, you’ll never know what hidden gems are out there (like Ellen Page and Michael Cera’s duet of “Anyone Else But You” in Juno– here come the tears people)!


Hi! My name is Kerri Hayman and I am an undergraduate student at Adelphi University. My passion for writing lies within the lines of my poetry. I truly believe that when spoken word fails, written word speaks. Writing has allowed me to open a creative door for others to venture through and to relate on a personal level. Through struggles and triumphs, writing has become an artistic outlet for me to express my creative self!
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