Types of Professors You’ll Encounter in Your College Life

In college, we will all encounter many professors, all with different types of personalities that can make or break our college experience. Some we love and others not so much. Below is a list of professors you or someone you know will have a least once in your life.


1.     The TMI

This professor is most likely very passionate about the subject they are teaching, which is clear from the amount of information they throw at you. They talk so fast, and you’re going to try to write everything down but you probably shouldn’t because you’ll get a hand cramp. The best thing to do is record their lectures and play it very slowly.


2.     The Snooze

The Snooze just puts you to sleep if you don’t have an electronic device in front of you. This professor’s lecture is very boring and dry to college students, it sounds as if a monotoned tape is playing on repeat. You usually find yourself on on a shopping website, social media or checking your emails.

3.     The Weirdo

These professors are just plain and simple WEIRD. You don’t know what they’re doing. But hey, it gets your attention and keeps you from falling asleep...Right? At least they’re trying something different from a traditional classroom.


4.     The “I show up to get paid”

This professor is so laidback and doesn’t care if you show up. Whether you do your work or even show up to class doesn’t matter to them. At the end of the day, it’s your grade and not theirs.


5.     The Strict One

If you show up to class even a minute late to this professor’s class, the door is closed and the lecture has already started. You better have read before the class started or that pop quiz should not even be attempted because you know it’s an automatic F. This professor will not stray from the syllabus and will follow it strictly, so beware.


7.     The Wannabe Comedian

The entire class discussion is just a big comedy show. The professor is making jokes, and students are laughing either because it was actually funny or they are sucking up to not fail. Either way, there is a lot of laughter in the class.


8.     The Hot One

The one that’s there and you don’t drop because the professor is good to look at. You may not even pay attention to the lecture because you’re staring at the professor. Or you may study extra to impress them even though you know NOTHING  will ever happen.


10. The Mumbler

Some people just naturally have a soft voice, which makes it a little hard to hear when they speak. It doesn’t make it any better if the hallway is too noisy or maybe it isn’t and that soft speaker is your professor. You make look at fellow classmates and the professor asking, “What did you say?” at least 10 times during the lecture. Sit closer or even leave a recorder near to where they speak to play it back later.


12. The Parents you wish you had/The Popular

Everyone wants this professor. This may be the only good professor teaching this subject or the professor itself is an amazing human who is universally liked by all students. They are easy to confide with and you just feel comfortable asking for advice. Registering for a class with this professor is crazy because everyone is trying to get in. The only way you will get in is if you have an early registration time or getting the approval of this professor to take the class. You may be caught going to them more than your actual advisors.



13. The Do-You-Own-A-Watch?

This professor is always late! There is a rule if the professor doesn’t show up within 15 minutes then class is canceled. This isn't just a rule, this is THE rule. The golden rule that all students know, but seldom get to enjoy because of professors like this. Class may never be canceled for this reason because the professor will be strolling in 14 minutes after class was supposed to start, preventing you from sleeping in your car or even going home.  It’s okay for the professor to be late, as long as you never do it!


14. The Self Promoter

When you write a book you want people to buy it right, RIGHT? Same thing goes, here. Your professor may have written a book or two and wants you to buy it for class. Chances are you really only need a chapter or two from that $150 book. Protip: If you find yourself in this professor’s class, find a classmate willing to share the book for the semester and split the cost. After all, we are all broke college students.


16. The Accent

Speak slower, I need to decipher the sounds coming out of your mouth. English may not be the professor’s first language and we congratulate them for learning a whole new language and being able to be so fluent. However, you may not know what the professor is saying and have to figure out everything on your own.



At the end of the day, professors are here to educate us. Each of them have their differences in teaching methods and the way a classroom is run. It may work for you or it may not. Ultimately it is up to you to try and do your best.