Travel Tools You NEED!

Planning trips can be super stressful but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re studying abroad and planning weekend trips or just traveling across the U.S. for spring break, it’s always good to have things to help you so here are some helpful travel tools for any aspiring traveler!!

Google Flights

There are plenty of apps out there like Hopper or Skyscanner that say they track the lowest flights (I have all of them) but I would never book a flight without looking on Google Flights. You can be as vague as you want with destination or have a really specific plan in mind and Google has got you. They’ll give you all the options and tell which ones are the best value (with price and time).


This might seem out of place to you BUT Pinterest has a ton of travel recommendations and travel lists out there. They are easy to find and easy to read. There are so many recommended to do lists and top tourist sites lists that you will be able to fill up your trip easily.

Lonely Planet

This is a GREAT resource once you have decided on your destination! Lonely Planet has tourist spots, restaurant reviews, hotels, hostels and it rates them all, so basically it does all your research for you. If you’re feeling super into it, they also have books that you can buy for certain locations but their site is free so that’s where I stay #broke

Hostelworld/Airbnb/Hotel Tonight

These three are in my opinion the trifecta of travel stay apps! They are all budget friendly (hallelujah) and they all offer a different option based on what you’re comfortable with. If you’re cool with staying in a room with strangers, it’s not as scary as it sounds trust me, then Hostelworld is for you. Airbnb is great if you’re in a group and all want to stay together and maybe chat with a local! Hotel Tonight is great for last minute trips that give you GREAT rates for hotels.


Go Euro

If you’re studying abroad in Europe Go Euro is an absolute MUST HAVE! It takes into account buses, trains, ridesharing and flights -- all possibilities when you’re there. You can get to all the sites to buy tickets straight through them and it gives you travel times. It is a European travel life saver! I wouldn’t book a weekend trip without it.


Mobile Pass

Last but not least, after you’re done with your travels the last thing you want to do is stand on a long line getting back into the country. Mobile Pass lets you skip the regular line and go straight to app line, which is MUCH shorter.


I hope my list helps plan your travels! Whether you’re galavanting around Europe, planning a kick-ass spring break or just a fun long weekend with friends or a significant other, all of these can be helpful!! So in the words of the French, Bon voyage!!