Tips to Ease Anxiousness Before and During a Project Presentation

At some point during our college careers, we are bound to give at least one project presentation in class (if you’re lucky). Presentations can be nerve-wracking, especially since you have to stand in front of your peers, let alone your professor, for a given amount of time and speak about your research. Anxiety can be worse building up to it than during the actual presentation itself. Here are a few tips and tricks to ease anxiousness before and during your presentation so you can get that well-deserved A!


Before Your Presentation

Time Management

As students and workers, we often have other priorities to attend to besides one presentation. Therefore, time management is crucial to your success. While it may seem to be common sense, we all have a tendency to procrastinate and to cram when it comes to making our deadlines. However, putting it together the night before will not be in your best interest, especially taking into consideration the amount of research that often goes into a college-level presentation.


Know Before You Go

With time management comes being knowledgeable about your research. Cramming the night before will not allow you to take the time to prepare how you will talk about your research. Not all of us are public speakers, therefore, why add to your stress by presenting a mindless argument. Other students in the classroom will pick up on your nervousness if you are struggling, trust me. Take the time to take notes and make an outline beforehand!


Have a Quick Bite to Eat

Right before game-time, anxiety can often create feelings of nausea. As a result, we may not want to eat. However, having a good breakfast, such as a banana or a nutrition shake on-the-go, will prevent you from feeling dizzy and faint while you are standing up there (p.s. whatever you do, DO NOT lock your knees… that’s an automatic K.O. on the floor). It is also a good idea to bring a bottle of water with you to keep hydrated!


During Your Presentation

The Lone Star

Prior to giving a presentation, I am always concerned about what others will think. The fact of the matter is, they are most likely thinking about where they want to go to lunch after. There have also been times when I have been in front of the class and students have been asleep with their mouths open… in the front row. So, don’t take it too personally!


If You Can, Have a Few Notes on Hand

If you are lucky to have a cheat sheet, take advantage of this opportunity. This will help with the overall direction and flow of your presentation. However, whatever you do, don’t read straight off the paper or your PowerPoint. This will only make it more boring and may give a hint to your professor that you do not know the material as well.


So, You Have a Group Presentation?

While being in front of the classroom with other group members may alleviate some anxiety, do not let one person in the group dominate the entire time. Don’t be afraid to chime in while you’re up there, just make sure to not remain silent, as some people tend to do. Have a game plan as to who is presenting what and for how long (just don’t do this the night before on GroupMe! Now THAT’S stressful).

Now that you have a few tips and tricks to ace your presentation, your mind will be more at ease when it comes time to prepare for finals (which is coming up fast). Just remember that a short period of time from now, this will be nothing but a memory of the past. So, get up there and kick ass!