Thank You Trump For Opening Our Eyes

Don’t roll your eyes at this article or scroll past it. Donald Trump winning the election last year and becoming our president was not the apocalyptic event that we thought it would be. I say that from a privileged position, but I think him being president has done something great for our country; we now talk about politics.

We are now more of an informed society than we were before he joined the political system and that is something to be grateful for. Whether or not you agree with his policies or his actions, you follow them. You keep track of what he is doing and of what Congress is doing.

Prior to his election, there were only a few people I could talk about politics with that had informed opinions, but now everyone has an opinion based on what they know. That is amazing. We are one of the most uninvolved publics in a developed democracy in the world. People were uninformed about what was happening in Congress, what laws were being passed and just in general what was happening in the world of politics.

Then Trump arrived and made a splash; people turned up at town hall meetings with their representatives and held them accountable. Our eyes were opened. If you’re against Trump then you follow politics because you’re wary of his policies and what will be put into place. If you support him then you follow because you want to see if he keeps his promises.

Whether or not you are happy with President Trump you have to notice the difference. Politics are discussed more and more, they are in the spotlight more because people care more! You may say he’s not your president but now you can talk about why with more people.

And hey we only have 3 more years with him! So happy or not, the countdown has begun until the next election…