Stranger Things 2 Review

Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers, so read no further if you haven’t fully binged season 2 yet


Last year when “Stranger Things” came out it was a big hit, leaving fans wanting more. A year later the show is back with season 2. If you’re like me binge watching shows, say goodbye to your friends, family and any important work you may have. Now, you’re probably saying, “I can stop in the middle of the season whenever I want.” Trust me when I say this: I honestly tried. I kept saying to myself that I’d watch just one more episode and then study, only to continue watchings a few hours later.  



The series answered two cliffhangers for season 1, What happened to Eleven, Why is Barb’s death so unjustified. It gave justice for Barb but an injustice for Bob Newby. He will always be a hero in my book.



For those of you who watch the show hoping the ship between Nancy and Jonathan will finally happen, looks like it’s your season. We finally see both of them taking their relationship to the next level. Am I the only one screaming of happiness when they finally got together? Poor Steve, since the last season he became a tolerable person who has shown to have a sweet caring side and a soft spot for Dustin. I mean, who doesn’t like a guy who likes kids?



Throughout this season, we see a lot of character development. Which I thought was amazing, we get to go through the same emotions as some of the characters and fall in love while others dig deeper into their past. Eleven–well Jane now–is one of these characters who goes on the journey searching for her home. She finds out the truth about her mother and her “sister” Kali. Like many of the new characters, Kali didn’t play a significant role in this season. I am excited to see what the writers do to bring her back in season 3. Hopefully we get to see Jane and Kali’s teaming up to defeat a new threat or possibly expand on their relationship.



Traditionally when we think of heros we think of princes saving princesses. However, that is not the case. Jane has saved everyone not once, but twice. She isn’t the one needing the saving but the one who rescues her own damsel in distress (that would be Mike).


Let me know, are you excited for season 3?