Starting the Semester off on the Right Foot

It’s that time of the year again! Instead of bringing your backpack to the beach, you're bringing it to the classroom. Summer is ending and the school semester is starting. Here are some cool tips for starting your semester off right!



  • Make friends in all your classes

    • If you can make at least one friend or someone you’re friendly with, then do it. Every semester I make it a mission, so if either one of us is sick we can always get the notes we need as well as have a homework and study buddy for when finals come around! We could help each other and have fun too.



  • Syllabi are your friends

    • Once you get your syllabus from all your classes, make sure you either make a copy of them or keep them in a secure place. For those who like to plan ahead, you can write them down in a planner and give yourself time to prepare for an exam or project coming up. For those of you who wait last minute, keeping your syllabus lets you know what will be expected of you that day or that week.

    • Another good reason to keep your syllabus is if you need to talk to your professor about extra help you’ll know where they’re office is as well as their office hours. Professors in my experience will have their email address and some may even add their office number to reach them at. That way if you have to get into contact quickly or if you can’t see them during their assigned office hours you’ll be able to contact them and see if there is another way to meet them. Showing your professors that you’ll go the extra mile usually has a positive outcome.



  •  Colors are your friends

    • One way that I stay organized is I buy my notebooks and folders in the same color as it is on my schedule. My school gives me a colored schedule of the class, the time, and the room number. I always found it better to buy the coordinating colors because when I’m in a hurry and I have my books in my locker, I just know the color that I need and grab the book and then go to class in a hurry.


  • Find a distraction-free place

    • If it’s your bedroom or a little nook in the library, when it comes to homework or studying it's better to have peace and quiet.

    • In my personal experience I thought I can do homework with friends and for the simplest homework it was possible, but for the harder homework or the more time consuming ones I found it better than I worked alone than with anyone around me.



Summer has ended and the semester has just begun. Although we have some expectations about how we want the year to be, helping us keep the goal of having good grades is always a good way to have a great success in the future.