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Spring Cleaning: Organizing Your Closet

Happy Spring y’all! You know what that means – warm weather, allergy season, and SPRING CLEANING! With the end of the school year quickly approaching, it’s time to declutter. So, get rid of everything that, as our girl Marie Kondo would say, “does not spark joy.” It’s also the opportune time to revamp your wardrobe to prepare for summer. I’ve always had a hard time getting rid of anything, but decluttering your closet also means that you can go shopping for new clothes. Below are some ways that I’ve learned to clean and re-organize my closet.

Make Piles

When going through my closet, school papers, things in the junk drawer – anything, really, I create three different piles. The first is the “keep” pile, then we have the “throw away” pile, and lastly, the “IDK” pile. To stay even more organized I’ll tape up a sign with the pile names and then sort through my clothing. Looking at everything in their respective piles puts into perspective how much clothing you actually have. And, if you’re like me and have a hard time getting rid of stuff, put items you’re unsure about into the “IDK” pile.

Create Double Hangers

To make some more room in your closet, I use an amazing DIY hack that utilizes soda tabs to create double hangers. You can store two pieces of clothing, without doubling the amount of space it takes up.

Flip the Hangers of the Clothes You Wear

One way to decide what to keep and what to get rid of is to keep track of what you wear throughout the year. This trick only works for clothes that you keep in the closet. Once you wear an item put it back with the hanger facing in the opposite direction. Then, after a while you can see what pieces you wear the most and what you may not need anymore.

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Hopefully these tips can help you get a head start on spring cleaning!

Hello! My name is Julia and I’m currently a senior at Adelphi University. I’m studying business management and one day I hope to own my own company. I’ve always loved to write and I’m super excited to be a part of the Her Campus team!
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