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Should Adelphi Have a Football Team

If you go to Universities with big campuses they have just the same things as Adelphi University.  They might have a spacious library, a University Center, and even a Quad. Along with these, big campuses tend to have a football team. So why doesn’t Adelphi have one?  If you think about it, these big campuses that have football teams have more school pride. A widely popular and recognized sport for the University would create a lot of buzz. . The campus would be extremely busy. Therefore, increasing Adelphi’s revenue. I guarantee you if there were weekend football games at Adelphi University there would be more people staying on campus. Games would be something for everyone to look forward to.  It would make Adelphi feel more like a home for some students  Why, Adelphi, don’t you have a football team?  Having a team might even give us a good explanation for the new panther statue. 

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