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Pros and Cons of Creating a Youtube Channel



At one point or another, a handful of us have considered whether it would be worth it to start a Youtube channel or not. Whether it was the appeal of internet fame or just the idea of starting a fun channel by yourself or with friends, it crossed one of your minds. Maybe it even is something you’re contemplating right now. If you are, here are some pros and cons that might make your decision a bit easier!


1. It’s a fun, creative outlet and easy to use

While most Youtubers today are interested in becoming internet famous, that doesn’t always have to be a reason for creating a channel and uploading content. When I created my channel back in my freshman year of college, it was intended to be a channel where I posted fun videos with my friends and post college advice videos. You don’t have to have high quality, super clear videos. You don’t even need a professional camera. You have a smartphone with a working camera? Great, you’re already halfway there! Don’t have good editing skills? Using apps like iMovie and Splice are simple and get the job done.

2. Being a Youtuber can open doors for you

Being a Youtuber can give you potential exposure to certain opportunities that you typically may not be able to obtain without a platform. With having a certain following, you may get the chance to endorse brands as an influencer. It can open doors to working in the acting industry, modeling industry, makeup industry, fashion, dance, singing, etc. Without the exposure that we have today through using social media as a way to promote ourselves, many people wouldn’t have been discovered and have the opportunities that they do now.

3. It allows you to have a platform

With the responsibility of being in the limelight, comes the opportunity to use your voice to speak out against certain issues and inform your viewers on certain topics. It allows you to incite change and speak on important issues that many people would prefer to sweep under the rug or remain impartial to, which may not always be the best idea.


1. Privacy concerns

As goes for all social media, you do have to be careful of privacy and location, especially if you start to grow a large following. Safety is a huge concern that you need to keep in mind.

2. Thinking of content

For some, thinking of content on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis may be easy, but for others, it can be difficult to have to continuously think of fun videos to film. So if you have difficulty coming up with ideas, find a way to combat it and don’t let this hold you back.

3. Time management

Sometimes it can be hard to find a time to sit down and film. It can be time consuming especially if you find yourself to be a perfectionist. Then after the process of filming comes editing and uploading. You do have to set aside a decent bit of time for these aspects and sometimes it can be hard to find time in a busy schedule to do so

I personally believe that, even with the cons, although there are more that I didn’t want to cram into the article or others that I could not think of, creating a Youtube channel is 100% worth it. It’s definitely something worth giving a try if it’s ever crossed your mind and it couldn’t hurt to do so. Just keep an open mind and maybe it’ll become something you grow to love, ya never know!

As always, thanks for reading and stay tuned for my next article!


Alliah ♡

Hi, I'm Alliah! I'm currently Senior Social Work major at Adelphi University. 9/10 times you'll catch me with a good book and some coffee or tea, watching Netflix, or on Pinterest planning out the rest of my life.
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