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Is The Pressure Dragging One Direction Down?

By now everyone knows that the One Direction lads are going on a much needed hiatus next year.  If you listened closely you could hear the sound of breaking hearts all across the world when the hiatus was first announced (my heart included).  With their fifth album coming out in a few weeks, their new single ‘Perfect, and the random release of the video for ‘Perfect”, the 1D boys are making sure they end on a bang before their break.  There’s only a few shows left on the On The Road Again tour, and the boys are making sure they don’t leave fans disappointed.  They’re working super hard these last few months of 2015, but could this be overwhelming them?


First we have their canceled show in Belfast on October 20th.  You don’t ever hear about One Direction canceling a show, so when the news broke out I’m pretty sure the world stopped for a few seconds.  What made things worse is that it was canceled last minute.  Poor Liam had gotten sick all of the sudden, so the show couldn’t go on.  Rumor has it that he had an anxious breakdown right before, so he couldn’t perform. However, there was also speculation that his kidney was causing him pain (throwback to when he had one kidney). Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but all four members took to twitter to apologize about what happened.





Speaking of Liam, we all know that he’s been taken forever, but is Liam a single man again? Shortly after the canceled show various sources started confirming that he and long time girlfriend Sophia Smith broke up. *cries* It all started on October 24th when he tweeted “I love how music is always there for you when you need it most x.” It’s no secret that they’re #relationshipgoals, but did Sophiam really end? Nothing had been confirmed until apparently he indirectly confirmed it during a concert.  Right before singing “Where Do Broken Hearts Go?” he said that the next song was the perfect break up song.  There is no video or proof about this and if there’s anything that a fan of the boys know is pics/vids/proof or it didn’t happen! Even if Sophiam did end, it will live on in my heart forevs!



Next let’s talk about the lovable Irish man, Niall! He’s often referred to the carefree one of the group.  We rarely see him getting mad – unless it’s at the paps for not knowing what privacy is – but during their concert on October 22nd, Niall showed that he’s not always carefree.  While he was playing his electric guitar, someone in the audience through water at him. Um what? Naturally he got mad because duh who wouldn’t? He walked away and I don’t blame him.  The boys have said time and time again not to throw stuff on stage, but of course no one listens.  Sure, they do have water fights with fans so I guess it’s okay for water to be thrown, but not at Niall’s electric guitar!

You might be wondering, what are the lads going to do during that loooong break? We might know what Louis’ doing.  Earlier this year it was said that Louis is going to be a judge on a new show that’s ultimate goal is to form a new girl group! What?! He was recently a guest judge on the X Factor, and during an interview he revealed his plans! While talking about Simon, Louis said, “We’ve got a few different projects going on at the moment, one of which is we’re trying to put a girl band together.” This is definitely going to be something to look forward to! Where can I sign up to audition?

Now onto Harry Styles. Could Harry be using the break to cozy up to a model? *cries* I hope not! The rumor that Mr. Styles is dating model, Georgia Fowler, started after a video surfaced the interwebs of the two playing scrabble.  It’s no secret that Harry loves scrabble and it would be a perfect thing to do on a date! The video came from Georgia’s snapchat, but nothing else has been said. Harry is always being linked to girls around the end of the year and they’re referred to as his “December girlfriend.” The only December relationship that has been confirmed was Haylor, and that’s only because they kissed as the ball dropped in NYC. Other than that, it’s all just rumors. *eye roll* Can’t a guy be just friends with a girl without being linked romantically?

The One Direction world is full of crazy rumors and happenings, but we’ve learned to just roll with it.  The boys are under a lot of pressure at the moment, but they’re hanging in there. They always prove that nothing can drag them down!

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