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Name: Valencia Saint-Louis

Year: Sophomore

Major/minor: Communication Sciences and Disorders (a mouthful, basically Speech Pathology)

Career goals: Honestly, I’m still figuring out some of the specifics. After visiting the Early Learning Center at Adelphi and ACDS (formerly Association for Children with Down Syndrome) school, I know for a fact that I would love to work with children of all abilities to enhance their speech and communication skills.

Netflix Binge: I’m looking for a show to watch right now actually! The last three that really stuck out to me on Netflix were 3%, Reign, and The Get Down. Any suggestions?

Favorite pick me up movie: I haven’t watched a movie in what feels like forever. What comes to mind at this moment is A Cinderella Story (with Hilary Duff). That movie makes me feel all sappy, plus there’s Chad Michael Murray *drools*

Favorite Song atm: At the moment I find it physically impossible to not dance to Questions by Chris Brown

Favorite book: Right now my favorite book is How to Be A Bawse by Lilly Singh – I’m convinced she’s my soulmate

Hobbies/Passions: I love to sing anywhere, at any time (to the dismay of my neighbors). I also have a passion for music in general, poetry, writing stories, and self-care.  

Defining life experience: For the entire winter intersession I wasn’t sleeping well at all, and was upset by the fact that I hadn’t gotten any calls back from the jobs I applied to. I applied to 20. Frustrated and in a slump, I reached out to my dad for some words of wisdom. He told me something along the lines of, “Find gratitude in what you have now, and be ready to receive what is yours”. The day after that talk, I got a call back from the job I currently work at. And that’s when I realized that sometimes you just have to relax, find gratitude in what you have now, and be ready to receive what’s yours.

What are you most proud of yourself for: I’m most proud of myself for becoming mindful, intentional, and proactive in my life *high fives self*. I’ve learned that every day we have the opportunity to create and decide, and that we can have whatever we want to manifest in our lives. #MotivationMondays every day!

Dream Vacation spot: Paris, France. Yes, I am in fact a cheesy romantic who is in love with French culture.  

Favorite adelphi spot: The Underground Cafe, on those couches that face each other… LET ME TELL YOU – they are bliss.

Interesting fact/adelphi story: I know the entire extended version of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song by heart. Yup, there’s an extended version. To all rap labels: you can sign me right now.

I am currently studying at Adelphi University. I am an International Studies major and a senior. My passions are traveling, languages, reading and wine, so drink up while you're reading my articles (21 and over of course).     
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