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Anyone that knows me or has seen me around campus knows that I am obsessed with planners and their accessories (stickers, washi tape, decorative pens and pencil etc.)



I love them so that I have not just one planner, but four planners, that I use on an almost if not daily basis. They are all unique and useful in their own special way.


{What every planner has said when people call us out on our ‘addiction’}


For starters, I have the Erin Condren Hardbound Planner. I received this one from one of our previous Her Campus Survival Kits.


( #ThankYouHCXO )


On the inside, it has its colorful vertical layout. This layout fits the entire week with a notes section to add a couple doodles or future events to look out for.



Because it’s thin in width it’s a great pocket-sized planner. Especially it’s useful when I’m on the go and I use a small backpack or a medium-sized purse.



Next, I have two Horizontal style planners. One is the Erin Condren Lifeplanner with a Rose Gold coil while the other is the Create 365 Happy Planner. Instead of a coil to hold the planner together, like in the Erin Condren Life Planner, the Happy planner uses mini discs that have a heart cut in inside of them. With this style planner, you are able to add pages, folders, separators, dividers, etc. and take them away too.



Each has 3 blank columns that I use for academic, work and social but you don’t have to do the same. Like the previous planner, I have titled my classes as colors for my privacy purposes but mostly because I color code my classes based on my school schedule.



Last but not least I have the Creative Year Enchanted Medium Planner by Recollections that uses the hourly design from 7 am to 10 pm. This works great with my early classes as well as my late class, and I don’t have to worry that I wouldn’t be able to put in the early class and the late classes proper or messing with the timing or the blocks in the planner to make everything fit accordingly.



Each of my four planners are all unique and are used for their own purpose and help me in my day to day college life. Adulting can definitely have its hardships but having my planners help me have a little fun by expressing myself with colors and stickers but keeps organized at the same time. 


Hi, I'm Kait. I am currently a senior at Adelphi University and I am a Communications Major with a concentration in Digital Media and Cinema Studies. I love writing and have written stories ever since I was a little girl. Once I graduate from Adelphi University I hope to become a screenwriter working for film or television. But until then you'll see me socializing with my friends and family, studying for the next exam, or writing my scripts in the library.
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