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Name: Colette Sirabella

Year: Freshman

Major/minor: Interdisciplinary – English, Psych and Communication with a minor in Anthropology

Career goals: I have no idea what exactly I want to do, I just know I want to make a positive change in the world. I don’t want to do something ordinary. I know I have a lot in me to share with the world and I intend to do so.

Netflix Binge: Supergirl is my current go-to. I’m a #Sanvers ride or die. I also love Castle, Bones and the L word. (I’m trying to catch up on my gayducation)

Favorite pick me up movie: Another Cinderella Story. I watched that movie about 20 times when I was younger and I still watch it from time to time on bad days. I’m one of those people who can watch hours and hours of a TV show but not want to sit and watch a whole movie so this movie from when I was 11 is the only movie that comes to mind..whoops.

Favorite Song atm: Anything country. Please don’t shun me.

Favorite book: Wait..only one?? My books are my children. I have way too many. I love poetry books and teen romance novels. Book recommendations are always welcome.

Hobbies/Passions: Writing, reading, watching too many episodes of one show in a day, and napping. I also love getting involved in mental health and the LGBTQ+ community.

Defining life experience: Going through depression in high school forever changed me. Having to go through a constant battle against myself made me infinitely stronger, and taught me how to love myself. Life lesson: Love yourself and your relationship with everyone and everything around you changes. I made the decision that I didn’t want to look back on my life and realize I spent most of it sad and in bed. You only get one go around. And I want to spend mine laughing and loving as much as possible.

What are you most proud of yourself for: Being so open and genuine on social media about my mental health and sexuality. I’m proud to be me and I want my social media to reflect that. It’s time we stop just showing the highlights of our lives.

Dream Vacation spot: Paris, for sure. My Sweet 16 was basically a fundraiser for my trip to Paris that’s happening in the near future. I have really bad wanderlust though so if I had the funds I would go EVERYWHERE.

Favorite adelphi spot: Anywhere I can be outside, and I’m totally not ashamed to also say Legends. Raspberry Chocolate smoothie all day every day.

Interesting fact/adelphi story: I may or may not have set the fire alarm off in Earle Hall making a grilled cheese. I’m totally hanging my official “you set off the fire alarm, here’s a warning” letter on my wall. I should probably stick to Kraft mac n’ cheese cups.

A #hashtag that you like/describes you: #OutProudAndOutLoud


I am a current freshman interdisciplinary major at Adelphi University. I am taking courses in psychology, communications, English, and even a few in anthropology! I have a passion for writing, reading, and the mental health and lgbtq+ communities. My goal for my writing to help at least at least one person feel better, so I hope that person is you!
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