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As college students, we all have a story. And it’s important as young adults that we share our story. But one thing some of us may forget is that although we may be college students and one step closer to being in the real world, it is never too late to change our story and evolve into someone new.  It is important not to let our past anchor us to who we were and stop us from becoming who we are meant to be. One day we can be a wild partier, another day we can be an antisocial bookworm and some days we can be a very responsible student. This is our story and the changes are what make it real; nothing stays the same forever. I remember growing up and reading a book called ‘Who Moved the Cheese’ by Spencer Johnson. One part that really stuck with me is when the author proposes that the secret to being successful is someone’s ability to adapt to change. One must move with the times because things can change in the blink of an eye. Why resist? Embrace it and make the best of it! 


The thing about stories is that sometimes it may be a happy ending but other times it may be sad. One thing that is for sure is that 90% of it is up to you and in your hands because we have the ability to stand up and say no to something we may not like in our lives. For example, if you’re not that organized and want to be, there’s no one stopping you from trying to develop a new skill because like I said before, it’s never too late. If a 70-year-old grandma can go back to school and make a change in her life than so can we.

   Another thing that comes to mind when I think about stories is that rather often, labels are projected onto us however that doesn’t mean they can’t be removed or altered. Labels are like post-it’s; they can be easily peeled off if we don’t want to be associated with them. We are people and have the ability to reject these titles or words that are being thrown our way. I personally didn’t learn this lesson until the latter part of college and it is still something I struggle with.  Especially, when it comes to expectations and stigmas that are projected onto me on a daily basis. Sometimes I feel like I have to live with these labels. I still find it hard to reject them or refuse to wear them because it takes great power to remind yourself of who you are when the world is telling you otherwise. But, it’s a battle that we must take on every day.  

    Stories are intangible embodiments of who we are as humans. Each person has so much to be said about them and that is why not only are photos worth a thousand words but also people because there’s a vast amount of things to be said about them. Stories are just a snippet – which is why we cannot allow them to define who we are. As people, we are always changing and developing and some changes may be good but some may be bad and it’s okay to not always want the same thing forever. Ergo, we have so many things that are so special about us and that is why no one should feel ordinary and just “ basic.” Our stories are unique, one of a kind, and are like time, always moving and always changing.




Hello, I'm Sheldon! I'm currently a social work major. I am a big fan of quotes and photography because I feel like they are a great form of expression and sometimes when you have no words to describe something they can help. I'm also a humongous Netflix addict and shopper. Can't wait for all of you to read my pieces and see ya soon!
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