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An Open Letter to You: After Finals Edition

Dear Readers,

Think about this, you have made it. Another semester, another year… come and gone just like that. Stepping onto campus in the fall, you had no idea as to what this year may bring. Would it bring happiness? Would it bring heartache? Would there be endless nights of procrastination or would there be nights where you could get to bed at a decent hour? The only promise college had made with you at that point was the workload ahead. And damn, college did NOT break that promise.

Think about those nights when you did not know if you would make it through or pass that exam you studied weeks for. Being involved on campus seemed more like work than pleasure and any spare time you had (what spare time you ask) was used to take a nap. But here you are, reading this letter. Those late-night struggles of writing paper after paper and wondering if getting out of bed to go to that 8:30AM class was worth the trouble has finally paid off.

Think of all the people who have come into your life. A partner who loves you just the way you are. A friend to grab a cup of coffee with after class. It is true when people say you cross paths with someone for a reason. Everything happens for a reason. You were meant to sit down next to that person; you were meant to say hello. Little did you know, they would become the most important people in your life. College is like a rollercoaster ride, but it is certainly more fun with someone there to laugh and to cry with you to the very end.

Think of how far you have come, whether it is your first year of college or your last. Whether orientation felt like yesterday or you are going to buy your cap and gown tomorrow, we have all experienced the struggles of college at some point, but the different joys it has brought us as well. What would have happened if you decided to go to college elsewhere? How different would each of our lives be? I am just glad to say, I would not want it any other way. 


Hi! My name is Kerri Hayman and I am an undergraduate student at Adelphi University. My passion for writing lies within the lines of my poetry. I truly believe that when spoken word fails, written word speaks. Writing has allowed me to open a creative door for others to venture through and to relate on a personal level. Through struggles and triumphs, writing has become an artistic outlet for me to express my creative self!
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