Not so Cliché Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day: You either love it, or you hate it. Whether you have reservations for two at that fancy restaurant you have had your eye on or on the couch at home with Netflix to comfort you, it can be one of the most fun or depressing days of the year. However, Valentine’s Day does not have to be as cliché as we make it out to be. Here are a few alternative ideas to spend the day out (or in) with your significant other or your girls:


For the Lovebirds


Home-Cooked Meal

Who does not enjoy a home-cooked meal? Instead of sweating over an expensive dinner bill, whip up your favorites at home and get creative! If you decide to make baked ziti or “krafty” rainbow mac ‘n’ cheese, it’s an overall win-win at the end of the night for both you and your wallet.

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City Adventure

Going to the movies can be romantic, but why spend most of your time in one place? Venture into the city with your love to discover new trendy spots. As expensive as the city can be, not all places will break the bank. Head to an art museum or take a walk through Central Park. Getting some fresh air and enjoying the scenery won’t hurt. Just be sure to bundle up… spring is not quite here yet! 

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Valentine Goodies

Ditch the flowers and the chocolates! Think of a more sentimental gift your love can cherish year-round. It can be as simple as writing a card to picking out a gift related to their interests. Valentine’s Day should not be expensive. After all, the greatest gift is the love you share for each other (cheesy, I know)!

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For the Single Ladies


DIY Desserts

From sprinkled cake pops to heart-shaped cookies, there are plenty of ways to get crafty with cute desserts. Attached below are a few other DIY treats that you’re bound to fall in love with this Valentine’s Day.

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Mall Trip

Valentine’s Day or not, taking a trip to the mall is never a bad idea. Go ahead and treat yourself to a new pair of high-heels or simply chill in the food court with your girls. Spending a day at the mall will certainly enhance your love of shopping!

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Girly Goodie Bags

It’s not a party without a goodie bag of course! Invite the girls over for a movie night and send them home with fabulous favors. Make-up, nail polish, compact mirrors, and candy are just a few things to brighten up their day!

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From home-cooked meals to girly goodie bags there are plenty of ways to have fun. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you now have a few alternative ideas in mind on how to celebrate, but don’t forget… love is 365 days around the sun!