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People who have read some of my previous articles know that one of my favorite things is Disney- so much so, that I go on vacation to Disney World in Florida at least once a year. However, I get so sad when I have to leave the magic and come home. One thing that helps to keep the magic alive at home is watching YouTube videos. I watch Disney YouTube videos almost every day so that I can feel like I am in my happy place, and I also watch them to keep up with the latest Disney news. There are a lot of different channels I watch, but here is my list of my top 5 favorite Disney YouTube channels. 


1. Resort TV1 


Resort TV1 does live stream videos of Disney World. They pick a place to go to on Disney property and go live from that location. Viewers get to see Disney in real time, and can feel like they are there. I love this channel because it is run by a brother and sister who go to the parks together, and who often bring their parents with them. They provide a great family and community atmosphere. I love commenting on the videos in real time as well. They often live stream on Friday nights, either Saturday or Sunday afternoons, and one time throughout the week. They also have amazing video quality, and have really figured out how to work around the horrible Disney WiFi when live streaming. 


2. All Ears Net 


All Ears Net is a channel that also has an accompanying website. They specialize in bringing viewers the latest Disney news, tips and tricks. They do not have live streams, but they post a lot of different content. They have many different sections of videos, and have many content creators that each have their own unique video styles. My favorite videos are the ones done by Molly. She is the one who goes to the parks and records her experiences. She shows everything that is new or has changed, updates, tips, tricks, and guides to navigating the parks. She has so much energy when she streams and is so passionate about what she is doing. 


3. Lake Buena Visitors 


Lake Buena Visitors is another channel that does live streams from the parks. It is run by a husband and wife duo who do all-day live streams every Sunday. In these streams, they go to each of the Disney theme parks. In addition, the wife goes to the parks during the week to do solo streams. They are extremely enthusiastic about what they do, and you can really see their passion for their streams. They make it a priority to create a community within their channel where everyone is safe and welcome. I love commenting live because they almost always read my comments, and make me feel like I am special and am there with them. Their enthusiasm and passion for filming the best streams makes them so easy to watch. 


4. The Tim Tracker 


The Tim Tracker is a family that goes to the Disney theme parks as well as other Disney events to record videos. They post videos every day of their adventures on Disney property and in the surrounding Orlando area. Their channel started off as just a husband and wife duo, but now are joined by their adorable one-year-old son. Since having their son, their content has changed a bit to show things more geared towards families. They make it a priority to show the latest news within the parks. They also try to show fun and interesting things they have not done before. They are always trying new things and coming up with new content for their videos. 


5. Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW


Rounding off this list is a channel that specializes in making videos to show the dining options at Disney World. The husband and wife that run the channel both have different dietary restrictions ranging from gluten, dairy, chicken, and more. As someone who cannot have nuts, dairy, or gluten, I am always afraid of finding things to eat. I love watching this channel because they help ease my fear about dining in Disney by showing just how easy it is to dine with dietary restrictions. It is nice to watch them find things to eat at all the restaurants I love. No other channels really show what it is like to dine with dietary restrictions, so I am grateful to them for showing this. 

Julianne is a Junior at Adelphi University. She is a mathematics major and in the STEP education program. She is apart of the Her Campus, GSA, and Future Teacher's Association clubs at her university. She likes to write, bake, and travel.
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