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We have endless amounts of technology that keep us connected to our loved ones without having to be near them. However, being forced to stay away from most of our friends and family can make things a bit more lonely. I know I’m just as eager as everyone else to reunite with my friends after this situation settles down. Here’s a list of things that my friends and I had planned to do this summer (but are going to start whenever we next see each other!):


1. Have a Bob Ross Paint Night

2. Try Korean BBQ

3. Pack a Picnic and Eat Outside

[bf_image id="q58saw-3kxsxs-9ii81k"]

4. Camp Outside and Make S’mores Around a Bonfire

5. Go Stargazing at the Park

[bf_image id="q6c8pg-3f4ai0-bxuseo"]

6. Go to an Escape Room

7. Find New Places to Eat Around the Neighborhood

8. Bake Cookies Together From Scratch

[bf_image id="q2xyfl-bsjde0-a1ggt7"]

9. Blindfolded Makeup Challenge

10. Have a Pajama Party

11. Go on a Road Trip (Not Too Far Away)

[bf_image id="q4s6il-gd0h4-evfjkp"]

12. Have a Movie Night

13. Go to the Beach (Plenty of Times!)

14. Go on a Day Trip to the City

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At the end of the day, just spending time with your favorite people will feel a thousand times better than anything you could plan. When this is all said and done, at least we’ll have a newfound appreciation for every laugh, every hug, and every person we love to hang out with.

Hey there! My name's Isabella and I'm a senior at Adelphi University. I'm an English major with a concentration in Creative Writing, and while I love most fiction, I’m a sucker for love stories. When I’m not reading (or writing) said love stories, you can find me drawing, binging New Girl and Gilmore Girls, or getting coffee with my friends!
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