My Perfect Date with Liam Payne

My Perfect Date with Liam Payne

I look at the clock as it changes from 4:59 – 5:00 am. I decide to get up for the day full of classes I pry myself off my bed and decided to get myself ready choosing between two outfits

And ultimately decided to wear the outfit on the right. Putting my hair in a messy bun and throwing on a pair of converse.

Looking down at my phone I see a text from my better half

I smiling, thinking of texting him back and until I realize I’d be late for class.

With my friends driving me to campus I get to class in time for the professor to pass out the exams. Here goes nothing. I think to myself begin the exam.


Once the professor collects all the exams back he dismisses us all and quickly grabs his stuff not wanting to stay any longer than he already had to.

“Kait Come on, there’s a surprise for you outside.” My friend Rebekah says excitedly.

“It better not be something stupid like your dandelion bouquet?” I roll my eyes as she drags me outside.

Running past students and faculty members she brings me out to the university parking lot to someone waiting just for me.

“Hey Babe,” a cute brit smiles with a single rose in his hand.

Speechlessly I walk over to him. His arms wrap me in a warm embrace as he kisses my forehead.

“Come on, I’m taking you to L.A. You’re my date for the AMA’s tonight.” He says as he takes me over to the other side of the car and like a gentleman, closes the door.

With the driver  driving us the airport he puts his hand into mine squeezing it lightly every now in again as he tells me how he was able to pull of the surprise arrival with him smiling and laughing the whole time, I can’t help but smile and laugh back. His happiness is contagious.

That is until we got to Kennedy Airport where we were surrounded by fans and paparazzi. Knowing how claustrophobic I can get around large crowds he makes a swift moment to my side of the car, he takes me through the crowds of people with ease. Asking every now and again if I was alright.

Hours later we make it through the security at both Kennedy and LAX airport. And make it to the hotel where the other members of One Direction were getting ready for tonight.

Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson are happy to see me, Harry giving me the biggest hug.

One of stylist helps me get ready in a red dress with sparkles made through the long gown. With my makeup and hair all done I leave the little room that I got ready in to see what the boys were wearing.


“Wow, Kait…” Liam started to say

“Is it too much? I mean, it’s not like we’re going to the Oscars.” I look down and look at the sparkles of the dress.

“It’s perfect. You look beautiful.” He kisses my lips gently living a lingering finger under my chin.


“Are you ready for this?” Harry asks me as we arrived at the AMA’s. Nervously I nodded my head as all five of us make it out to the car. We all posed for pictures, some either Liam with the boys or with myself. Some pictures I even took by myself. Once we finish with the photographers and the interviewers asking the same questions they always ask. We make it inside the stadium where the AMAs are being held. Quickly as we changed into the clothes before we change out of them into something a little more comfortable. For me, I change into a short gold and black dress with black heels.



As the award show goes on and the proformances come to a close the night draws to an end. We leave the stadium, holding hands as we all go into car.

Liam pulls me closer beside him and whispers “I’m sorry this may not have been your idea of a ‘date night’ but I wanted you with me tonight. Since me and the boys will be on out hiatius in a couple of months and I have a feeling we might not be here again next year I wanted to take you to at least one music award.”

“Stop. This was perfect. It was a perfect date. You and the boys won two awards tonight. I mean you had fun. You looked like you were having fun performing and when you and the boys said your thank you speeches. I had fun watching you boys and meeting some new people. And I had fun with you. I don’t know anyone better to do this with.” I kiss him gently on his check. He put's one finger under my chin and brings my finger closer to his gentle soft lips and kisses me tenderly.