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I love music. Most of my time revolves around that sentence. Whether I am doing homework or commuting back and forth between Adelphi and NYC, you can be sure that music is playing in the background. That’s why I turned to Spotify Premium and never looked back.


I would say that I don’t listen to any specific style of music because it varies between my different moods, having songs for the happy moments, and different ones for crying my eyes out. In the same way, my October playlist introduces pop songs, K-pop songs, and the random styles in between.

Blueberry Eyes (feat. SUGA of BTS)

Artist(s): MAX, SUGA

This song is a beautiful blend of my K-pop and pop heart. It talks about falling in love with someone with blue eyes, which MAX writes for his wife. As K-pop continues to grow in popularity, it amazes me what songs come out from collaborations we never saw coming. Languages being blended together into masterpieces are some of the most beautiful creations of today and with the right representation, fans from both music styles will love it, myself included.


Artist(s): 5 Seconds of Summer

I know I;m late to the trend and I admit I’m still not a big 5SOS fan. However, the vocals within this piece and the rhythm in the background get my heart pumping. This is one of the songs I play when I’m hyper and am looking for a way to get rid of my stress.

Lovesick Girls

Artist(s): BLACKPINK

Coming from someone who has loved K-pop for a long time and wasn’t necessarily the biggest fan of BLACKPINK, this is a banger to me. It fits into the innocent image of the group, but the track is refreshingly different from their previous releases. This is the girl heartbreak anthem of the year.

After You

Artist(s): Areshi

This is a song by a very small artist who I randomly discovered on instagram. When I first heard this voice, it made me yearn for a relationship again (which is admittedly not a great decision to make based on a song). But the deep voice with the soft ballad, leaning into some pop during the chorus of the song, makes it a great song for just simply enjoying the idea of romance.

Fallin’ (Adrenaline)

Artist(s): Why Don’t We

The boy bands I usually like are K-pop boy groups, but this was the one America boy band that stole my heart. I constantly played their songs while studying, and they have become my playlist for academics.. This was their comeback song after being off the internet for almost a full year as they were creating their new album. The borderline rock undertones makes your heart race, despite the fact that this song is romantic. Give it a listen for an upbeat and dynamic melody.

i don’t want to watch the world end with someone else

Artist(s): Clinton Kane

I discovered this artist through my midnight TikTok scrolling and I don’t regret it a single bit. This UK artist sings about yearning to spend one last passionate and painful day on Earth with an old lover.This song can tug on your heartstrings and elicit a good cry if you’re going through the feels. This song is one of my new repeat songs, and I am planning on listening to more songs by this artist in the future.

prom dress


Artist(s): mxmtoon

Introducing the more depressive side of my music. When I was experiencing my mental breakdown of the week, this was a song that I played. It perfectly captures how horrible feeling left out is, while also comforting its listeners with a soft melody that just seems to understand. It lends a figurative hand to the listener, while saying “you’re not alone”.


Artist(s): Anson Seabra

This artist has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard. His other songs like “Welcome to Wonderland” and “Robin Hood” do carry the same depressing tone that “Broken” does, but the emotion in his voice is something that takes me back to this particular song over and over again. “Broken” is another piece I listen to when I feel down. The song is an apology about the mistakes that not only burden the speaker with regret, but continue to reduce them into broken pieces, which makes it another perfect outlet to ride out negative emotions with.

I do a playlist every month on Spotify and these are some of the featured tracks. I hope that everyone who checks out this playlist, and please send a message if you fall in love with the songs like I did!

Eileen He

Adelphi '24

Eileen He is a student at Adelphi University, with a psychology major and a premed student. She has lived in China and now is currently living in NYC. She continues to travel the world, having been to multiple countries like Canada, Japan, and Korea. She is a member of HerCampus for her university, and wants to share her voice and thoughts to the world as much as she can.
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